Skyconfig configuration page builder

Developers: extend the contextmenu with custom config pages.

Example view

Example view


  • Find the app you want to add contextmenu entries to.
  • Install this package on its website.
  • Create a file named .Contextmenu within the app’s root file with type contextmenu-1.
  • Create a Skyconfig page file within the .Contextmenu file, for example, .Contextmenu/settings. (It’s type should point to the Skyconfig page app, typically
  • Set the title of that file, for example to Settings.
  • When you open the contextmenu on instances of this app, you will find an entry named Settings. Click to open it.
  • You will land on an empty Skyconfig page. First, add one ore more Skyconfig groups from the New panel. Then, drag any form elements into the groups.
  • Configure the form elements. Right click on any of them -> Settings. You will be able to configure the Skyconfig form elements via Skyconfig itself.

Video: how to use the Skyconfig form builder